About Us

Founded in Berlin, our focus is on clean, soluble, pure collagen supplements for your health. Our products are always European made, lab tested for purity and underpinned by clinical research.

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The Kollagen Institut

Who we are

It is time for more transparency, quality and effectiveness in nutritional supplements. This is why we founded the Kollagen Institut.

We stand for uncompromising quality: Patented collagen peptides - natural, pure, high doses, without additives. Complete transparency: Only the pure product.

We stand for real effectiveness. Scientific studies have repeatedly examined and proven the effectiveness of the peptides.

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our mission

What drives us

We firmly believe that health and beauty are self-determined and can be influenced and shaped from within.

However, with the huge selection of nutritional supplements, it is almost impossible to keep an overview and make a good, conscious decision. We can help here.

We want you to only eat healthy things. And things that really make a difference and help you. That's what drives us. This way you can take your health and beauty into your own hands - for a self-determined life and greater well-being.

Team Work

Based on science

What makes us unique

We only use patented peptides for our products.

What makes these patented peptides so unique? The effect of the peptides has been scientifically examined and proven several times. This means we can offer you the best products - for your health, beauty and well-being.

But see for yourself: Here you will find an overview of all relevant studies so that you can form your own opinion.

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Our contribution

Sustainability is our conviction

A healthy and self-determined life is meaningless without a functioning environment. That's why we are committed to sustainability.

Environmentally friendly packaging: We rely on apothecary glass that can be used again and again. Plastic containers and aluminum bags are not a solution for us!

Short supply chains & green shipping: Our products are made in Germany, Spain and the UK. We ship all products climate-neutrally.